Mbappe wants to play at Tokyo 2020

French World Cup Winner Mbappe wants to play at Tokyo 2020

France’s superstar footballer Mbappe has shown his interest to play in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Mbappe is a major part of the France’s football team and with France’s qualification in the upcoming edition of the Olympics, Mbappe’s dream of playing in the Olympics has come into place. But the things are not that simple as they seem from outside, as Mbappe is playing for his team in Euro 2020. Therefore, Mbappe who is known for his control in the game has said that I cannot control everything.

Mbappe wants to play at Tokyo 2020
Mbappe wants to play at Tokyo 2020

Football career of Mbappe

Although Mbappe wants to participate in the Tokyo Olympics but he has clearly told his coach that his dream of playing the Tokyo Olympics would not come at the expense of his presence in the Euro 2020. He has also said that he will be discussing his chances of playing in the Olympics with the concerned people and he hopes that they will be able to come out to a solution to this. Mbappe played a major role when France won the biggest football event on the planet, which is the football world cup. France was the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018, where Mbappe played a very major role. He also scored a goal in the final match against Croatia, which helped France to win the match 4-2. The young Mbappe scored a total of 4 goals in the tournament and hence came out to be one of the most promising players of the tournament.

What are the hurdles Mbappe is facing?

We all know by now that Mbappe wants to participate in the Summer Olympics 2020, but the problem here is that Euro Cup 2020 is already scheduled to take place from June 12 and July 2 and then this will be followed by the football tournament at Tokyo 2020, and that is schedule to take place on July 23. Mbappe is also playing in the Ligue 1 season in his team called Paris Saint – Germain. He has been bought by his team at a massive amount of 154 million euros or 201 million dollars. With such a big investment made on this player, the franchise would surely not want him to miss a game for him so that he could play in Olympics 2020.

Football comes up with some rules in Olympics as all the players in the team have to be less than 23 years and just 3 players can be there in the team who are above this age. Mbappe who is 23 years old has a great chance this time to be a part of the team because of this rule. However, he has said that even if he won’t be able to participate this time, he would not end his dream of playing in Olympics, as he would then be looking at Olympics 2024. Let’s see what happens now, whether Mbappe would be allowed to play in Olympics 2020 or not. Till then stay tuned.

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