Harmanpreet Singh ready to lead India’s charge at Olympic Test event in Japan

India has a great history in Hockey. Hockey being the national sport of the country is loved by millions of people in India. This time in Summer Olympics 2020, the expectations of the Indian sports lovers would be on the young skipper of the Indian Hockey Team, Harmanpreet Singh. Indian hockey team has always been one of the strongest teams in Olympics because of the great players that India has given to the world. This time also there are very high expectations from team India in the upcoming Olympics as the champion players like Harmanpreet Singh are all set to represent India on the international level.

Harmanpreet Singh to help India in Tokyo olympics
Harmanpreet Singh to help India in Tokyo olympics

Who is Harmanpreet Singh?

Harmanpreet Singh is the skipper of the Indian Hockey Team which is going on it journey to fight for the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics. Harmanpreet Singh was born in Amritsar, Punjab in a farmer family. He grew up watching his father in his fields on the tractor which always caught the attraction of this young boy. At a very small age he insisted his father to drive a tractor in his father’s field, and to his father’s surprise he was able to do it so well and effortlessly. Gradually, as the young Harmanpreet grew, he generated his interest in hockey also grew. Seeing his interest in Hockey his father admitted him in one of the Hockey academies in Punjab and since then, this young player has never looked back.

He started training in the academy, and kept on improving his skills at a very past pace. He started playing matches and to everyone’s surprise this young child was very good with his game. He kept on winning matches and scoring goals for his teams and soon he was in the limelight. He became the youngest Indian player to represent the Indian Hockey Team in Rio Olympics 2016. He was not given this feat because of any source or something, but he earned it because of his performance.

Harmanpreet Singh in Tokyo Olympics

After performing exceptionally well in the recent past, Harmanpreet Singh is now ready to represent India as the skipper of Indian Hockey team in the coming Olympics. According to him, the team is putting in a lot of efforts in the right direction which will help the team during the matches in Tokyo Olympics. The team is constantly working hard and practicing even harder to get the gold medal for India in the Summer Olympics 2020. The Indian skipper who started as a forward attacker is now playing the role of the defender for the team as he does it much better than anyone else. He is also an expert in penalty corners and is constantly scoring goals for the Indian Hockey Team.

We will wish Harmanpreet Singh and all the other players of the Indian Hockey Team all the very best. Let’s hope that they perform to the best of their abilities and get India a gold medal in Hockey in the Tokyo Olympics.

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