Summer Olympics 2020: Hydrogen to be used as a fuel for the lamp’s flame

Tokyo Olympics is just round the corner as this mega sports event is going to begin from 24th July, 2020. There are a lot of new things that are going to take place in this edition of Olympics as Japan is trying to make this edition of Olympics the best Olympics till date. Also, another interesting thing to know here is that Japan wants this Tokyo Olympics 2020 to be eco-friendly and hence they are using a lot of things which require renewable energy and the things which are eco-friendly. For example, the beds that are being made for the athletes are being made by the cardboard, which would be further recycled into the paper after use. All these major steps give a clear indication to the world that Japan is going to put in all its efforts to make this Olympics an eco-friendly one.

Hydrogen to use in Tokyo olympics 2021
Hydrogen to use in Tokyo olympics 2021

Hydrogen to be used as a fuel for the lamp’s flame

In all the editions of the Olympics, there is one ritual which is common and the people all across the world wait for it. That event is lighting of the Olympics lamp. The lamp is lighted and its flame signify the theme of the sports event. But this Olympic, as we know is going to be quite different from the other editions of the Olympics and hence this time, the lamp lighting is also going to be different. For the first time in the history of the Olympics the Lamp would be lighted using the Hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen being a clean fuel is chosen for this purpose as when it burns it never leads to any sort of pollution. This is a major step which is being taken by Japan for this Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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This decision has been finalized by the International Olympics Committee in a general session. The meeting also concluded with the decision that fuel would be produced at a factory in Namie, Fukushima. The tests and experiments have been completed so that the fuel burning process would be completely safe and eco-friendly at the same time. It will mark a new benchmark in front of the world as an emergence of the Hydrogen Fuel.

Not only this, Tokyo is taking a lot many other steps for making this Olympics a clean Olympics. Another major step is that this time during the Olympics the majority of the cars which would be used to commute the visitors and as well as the players and their support staff would be electric vehicles. These vehicles won’t omit any such thing which could harm the environment. It is another major step towards the renewable energy. Hence, no matter how many people reach Tokyo during the Olympics, the pollution issue is not going to arise there.

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The whole world is so excited to see this edition of the Olympics and so are we. Let’s wait for the July to come so that we can witness all these things coming into the action.

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