Japan Airlines to give free airline tickets during 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is all set to begin. The biggest sports event of the world would begin on 24th July, 2020 and just a few months before the start of this sports event, we have got a great news for all the people who are planning to visit Japan to watch the Summer Olympics 2020 live that the Japan Airlines is starting a campaign in which they have decided to give free air tickets to some of the people during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Japan Airlines Tokyo Olympics
Japan Airlines Tokyo Olympics

What is the campaign about free tickets offered by Japan Airlines?

A number of domestic destinations of Japan can be visited by the visitors and that too free of cost as Japan Airlines is coming up with this campaign where it will provide free tickets to selected people so that they can travel to some special destinations of Japan for free. Now the question that arises here is that how can we apply for that? The answer to this is that you have to first be a member of JAL’s JMB Mileage Bank Frequent Flyer Program. Another important point to note here is that to be eligible to get the free tickets you have to be a permanent resident of any country outside Japan. The complete details of this campaign are not yet declared by the airlines, but it is expected that the details would be out soon and the people would be able to take the benefit of the campaign.

Most probably, it is expected that the offer would be availed at the first come first serve basis and hence you would have to keep an eye on all the updates about this campaign. There would be a maximum of 50,000 people who could take the benefit from this scheme by Japan Airlines.

Why is Japan Airlines giving away tickets for free?

This is a very sensible question that comes in mind of almost every single person who hears about this campaign by the Japan Airlines, that why are they bearing this loss by giving away free tickets to the people. So the simple answer to this query is that it is being done to promote the tourism in Japan. As there would be a lot of foreign tourists visiting Japan for the first time during the Olympics 2020 and hence Japan wants people to explore Japan well. Otherwise, most of the people who will visit Japan would only visit the major cities of Japan and would not go to any other destination of Japan. By giving away free tickets of other domestic destinations, they will be able to divert the number of people into various other cities. It would make it easier for them to manage a lot of people who will be visiting Japan to watch the Summer Olympics 2020.

Don’t miss to keep an eye on all the updates coming from Japan Airlines, as who knows that you become that lucky one to get a free air ticket.

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