Japan unveils $1.43 billion Tokyo Olympic Stadium designed by Kengo Kuma

Olympics 2020 is just round the corner and the excitement among the people for this edition of Olympics is extremely high. The excitement has just got higher because Japan has unveiled its $1.83 billion stadium which will act as the main stadium for the Summer Olympics 2020. This national stadium would be the place where the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics would be held. The latest news from Japan is that finally the construction of this stadium which was going on since years has finally been completed, and the stadium is all set to host the big event. Now we will be able to witness the battle of the best athletes of the world which will take place in this stadium.

Olympics 2020 National stadium
Olympics 2020 National stadium

Tokyo Olympics Stadium is designed by the renowned architect Kengo Kuma. The great thing about this stadium is that it can have more than 68,000 spectators at a time. It has been designed in the traditional Japanese architecture style and the best thing about this stadium is that it has given a lot of emphasis to greenery as you would be able to find a lot of trees, shrubs and flowers around the stadium. A lot of wood has also been used during the construction of this stadium. You can find a lot of wood-work around the rim and roof of the stadium. The architects and engineers that worked on this project were able to finish the construction of this stadium on-time despite all the setbacks that were faced by them during the whole process. One of those setbacks was scrapping of the whole plan that was first decided for the stadium as it was going way too above the desired budget. But the efficient team was able to beat all the challenges that came their way.

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Events at Tokyo Olympics Stadium:
A lot of people were curious to know that what will be the events that will take place in this massive stadium. So the answer is out now, as this stadium will host all the track and field events. Therefore the world will witness some of the best events of Olympics 2020 taking place in this beautiful stadium during the XXXII edition of Olympics. Not only this, there is also a great news for the soccer lovers as there would also be a few soccer matches which would be played in this stadium. And no one can miss out the fact that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics 2020 are scheduled to take place in this stadium only.

A lot of preparations are still going on in this stadium as there are just a few months left for the Olympics to start, and according to the sources Japan is going to pull out the best edition of Olympics till date as the preparations of Olympics 2020 are going on in full pace. It would be interesting to see how things will come up when the event will finally start on 24th July, 2020.

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