List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo 2021 Games

List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Games: There is huge hype and excitement among all of us to experience the much-awaited sporting event of the year, Tokyo Olympics 2021 which will start from 21st July to 8th August 2021. Due to the widespread COVID 19 pandemic, the event which was originally set to begin from the 24th of July to 9th August 2020 had to reschedule. However, the organizers have not changed the title “Tokyo 2020” to “Tokyo 2021” mainly due to marketing and branding reasons.

Also, the Olympic Games for the first time in history have been postponed and not been canceled. With the addition of six new sports programs, the world’s best athletes are all set to participate in Japan’s capital city in July.

Dates: Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 – Sun, 8 Aug, 2021
Events: 339 in 33 sports (50 disciplines)
Athletes: 11,091 (expected)
Nations: 205 (expected)
List of Olympic Sports
List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo summer olympics 2021

When will the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Start?

Olympic Organizers have already released the schedule of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games on its official website, where the event will start its extravaganza from 23rd July to 8th August 2021 in Tokyo. The championship was originally slated from 24th July to 8th August 2020.

New Olympic Sports in Tokyo Summer olympics 2021

Due to the surge in the Covid 19 pandemic, most of the athlete had been forced to suspend their training, as there were not going to participate at the summer event in their best condition. However, still, there is discomfort among the representatives of the new Olympic sports regarding the suspension of the event momentarily.

Here is New olympic sports listed at Tokyo 2021:

This is for the first time; Surfing will make its debut in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games on the spectacular Pacific Coast of Japan. It’s an adventurous sports program that requires skills to tackle the state of the waves, the direction and strength of the wind, and the flow of the tide also while facing the changing conditions of nature.

Sport Climbing:
It is a strenuous sports activity that depends on the ability of the athlete’s finger strength. The sports program will take place on the colorful dams, where the climber’s skills will be tested on a vertical wall. The winner will be evaluated based on three disciplines: speed, boulder (or block climbing), and lead (or difficulty).

Skateboarding is one of the six newly added sports programs by the organizers of the Olympic committee. The program is divided into two categories: Street – The athlete has to perform the skills on a straight route that imitates a street with stairs, kerbs, handrails, slopes, etc. Park: It will take place on a surface with slopes and also on complicated curves.

The origin of these sports form Karate is from the host country Japan (Okinawa) during the Ryuku dynasty and since then been popular and widely played all across the world. This sports program is struggling to be a part of the Olympic Games since 1970 and finally, it is all set to make its debut in 2021 through the Nippon Budokan, the spiritual home of Japanese martial arts.

After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Baseball is once again ready to make a strong comeback in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic event. So there is enthusiasm among baseball lovers to enjoy the thrill between the pitcher and the batter with fast pitches of up to 100 miles per hour and with a lot of precision.

List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021

What Sports are in the Summer Olympics 2021? The upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games will feature 339 events, representing 33 different sports. Out of these 33 sports, these time five new sports programs (baseball/softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, and karate) have been added, while others like basketball – see the inclusion of new events within the discipline. None of the sports programs has been eliminated from the 2016 Olympic Games, with the return of golf and rugby. Here is the List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Bellow table:

Sport Discilpline (Events) Dates
Aquatics Swimming (37) 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Diving (8) 25th July (Sunday) – 28th July (Wednesday), 30th July (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Synchronized Swimming (2) 2nd August (Monday) – 4th August (Wednesday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Water Polo (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Archery 5 23rd July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon (45) 30th July (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Race Walk (3) 30th July (Friday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Badminton 5 24th July (Saturday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball (1) 28th July (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday), 7th August (Saturday)
Softball (1) 21st July (Wednesday) – 22nd July (Tuesday), 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Basketball (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Boxing 13 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday), 3rd August (Tuesday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Canoeing Slalom (4) 25th July (Sunday) – 30th July (Friday)
Sprint (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle (2) 31st July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
BMX Racing (2) 29th July (Thursday) – 30th July (Friday)
Mountain Bike (2) 26th July (Monday) – 29th July (Tuesday)
Road (4) 26th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 28th July (Wednesday)
Track (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Eventing (2) 30th July (Friday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Jumping (2) 3rd August (Tuesday) 6th August (Wednesday), 7th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Fencing 12 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Football 2 21st July (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Golf 2 29th July (Thursday) – 1st August (Sunday), 4th August (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic (14) 24th July (Saturday) – 29th July (Thursday), 1st August (Sunday) – 3rd August (Tuesday)
Rhythmic (2) 6th August (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Trampoline (2) 30th July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Handball 2 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Hockey 2 24th July (Saturday) – 6th August (Friday)
Judo 15 24th July (Saturday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Karate Kata (2), Kumite (6) 5th August (Thursday)- 7th August (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon 2 5th August (Thursday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Rowing 14 23rd July (Friday) – 30th July (Friday)
Rugby Sevens 2 26th July (Monday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Sailing 10 25th July (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol (10) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday), 29th July (Thursday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Shotgun (5) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday), 28th July (Wednesday) – 29th July (Thursday), 31st July (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park (2) 4th August (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday)
Street (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday)
Sport Climbing 2 3rd August (Tuesday) – 6th August (Friday)
Surfing 2 25th July (Sunday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Table Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 30th July (Friday), 1st August (Sunday) – 6th August (Friday)
Taekwondo 8 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Triathlon 3 26th July (Monday) – 27th July (Tuesday), 31st July (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Weightlifting 14 24th July (Saturday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Wrestling Freestyle 12) 1st August (Sunday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Greco – Roman (6) 1st August (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)

Are there any changes to the Olympics this year(2021)?

Olympic fans and viewers will experience some of the major changes to the Olympics for 2020 event with the addition of five new sports programs and also the comeback of baseball (absent in 2016). Also, there will be few new events like three–on–three basketball competitions.

Also, these time Olympics games are going to have a lot of attention mainly due to the adjusted gymnastics team rules – instead of fielding a team of five athletes, each country will be whittled down to four all-around contestants, with two more teammates added to compete only in individual events. Also, there is an upside-down in the international athletics community due to the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

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