List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo 2021 Games PDF

Olympics Date : 23 July – 8 August
Events : 339 in 33 sports (50 disciplines)
Where to Watch Live Free : NBC (USA), CBC (Canada) 7plus (Australia)
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List of Olympic Sports Events at 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Games PDF Download: There is huge hype and excitement among all of us to experience the much-awaited sporting event of the year, Tokyo Olympics 2021 which will start from 21st July to 8th August 2021. Due to the widespread COVID 19 pandemic, the event which was originally set to begin from the 24th of July to 9th August 2020 had to reschedule. However, the organizers have not changed the title “Tokyo 2020” to “Tokyo 2021” mainly due to marketing and branding reasons.

Also, the Olympic Games for the first time in history have been postponed and not been canceled. With the addition of six new sports programs, the world’s best athletes are all set to participate in Japan’s capital city in July.

Dates: Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 – Sun, 8 Aug, 2021
Events: 339 in 33 sports (50 disciplines)
Athletes: 11,091 (expected)
Nations: 205 (expected)
List of Olympic Sports
List of Olympic Sports Events at 2021 Tokyo summer olympics

When will the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Start?

Olympic Organizers have already released the schedule of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games on its official website, where the event will start its extravaganza from 23rd July to 8th August 2021 in Tokyo. The championship was originally slated from 24th July to 8th August 2020.

New Olympic Sports in Tokyo Summer olympics 2021

Due to the surge in the Covid 19 pandemic, most of the athlete had been forced to suspend their training, as there were not going to participate at the summer olympic events in their best condition. However, still, there is discomfort among the representatives of the new Olympic sports regarding the suspension of the event momentarily.

Here is New olympic sports listed at Tokyo 2021:

This is for the first time; Surfing will make its debut in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games on the spectacular Pacific Coast of Japan. It’s an adventurous sports program that requires skills to tackle the state of the waves, the direction and strength of the wind, and the flow of the tide also while facing the changing conditions of nature.

Sport Climbing:
It is a strenuous sports activity that depends on the ability of the athlete’s finger strength. The sports program will take place on the colorful dams, where the climber’s skills will be tested on a vertical wall. The winner will be evaluated based on three disciplines: speed, boulder (or block climbing), and lead (or difficulty). It’s a unique game among the olympic sport lists.

Skateboarding is one of the six newly added sports programs by the organizers of the Olympic committee. The program is divided into two categories: Street – The athlete has to perform the skills on a straight route that imitates a street with stairs, kerbs, handrails, slopes, etc. Park: It will take place on a surface with slopes and also on complicated curves.

The origin of these sports form Karate is from the host country Japan (Okinawa) during the Ryuku dynasty and since then been popular and widely played all across the world. This sports program is struggling to be a part of the Olympic Games since 1970 and finally, it is all set to make its debut in 2021 through the Nippon Budokan, the spiritual home of Japanese martial arts.

After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Baseball is once again ready to make a strong comeback in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic event. So there is enthusiasm among baseball lovers to enjoy the thrill between the pitcher and the batter with fast pitches of up to 100 miles per hour and with a lot of precision.

List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021

What Sports are in the Summer Olympics 2021? The upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games will feature 339 events, representing 33 different sports. Out of these 33 sports, these time five new sports programs (baseball/softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, and karate) have been added, while others like basketball – see the inclusion of new events within the discipline. None of the sports programs has been eliminated from the 2016 Olympic Games, with the return of golf and rugby. Here is the List of all Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Bellow table:

Sport Discilpline (Events) Dates
Aquatics Swimming (37) 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Diving (8) 25th July (Sunday) – 28th July (Wednesday), 30th July (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Synchronized Swimming (2) 2nd August (Monday) – 4th August (Wednesday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Water Polo (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Archery 5 23rd July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon (45) 30th July (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Race Walk (3) 30th July (Friday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Badminton 5 24th July (Saturday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball (1) 28th July (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday), 7th August (Saturday)
Softball (1) 21st July (Wednesday) – 22nd July (Tuesday), 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Basketball (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Boxing 13 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday), 3rd August (Tuesday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Canoeing Slalom (4) 25th July (Sunday) – 30th July (Friday)
Sprint (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle (2) 31st July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
BMX Racing (2) 29th July (Thursday) – 30th July (Friday)
Mountain Bike (2) 26th July (Monday) – 29th July (Tuesday)
Road (4) 26th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 28th July (Wednesday)
Track (12) 2nd August (Monday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Eventing (2) 30th July (Friday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Jumping (2) 3rd August (Tuesday) 6th August (Wednesday), 7th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Fencing 12 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Football 2 21st July (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Golf 2 29th July (Thursday) – 1st August (Sunday), 4th August (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic (14) 24th July (Saturday) – 29th July (Thursday), 1st August (Sunday) – 3rd August (Tuesday)
Rhythmic (2) 6th August (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Trampoline (2) 30th July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Handball 2 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Hockey 2 24th July (Saturday) – 6th August (Friday)
Judo 15 24th July (Saturday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Karate Kata (2), Kumite (6) 5th August (Thursday)- 7th August (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon 2 5th August (Thursday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Rowing 14 23rd July (Friday) – 30th July (Friday)
Rugby Sevens 2 26th July (Monday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Sailing 10 25th July (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol (10) 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday), 29th July (Thursday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Shotgun (5) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday), 28th July (Wednesday) – 29th July (Thursday), 31st July (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park (2) 4th August (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday)
Street (2) 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday)
Sport Climbing 2 3rd August (Tuesday) – 6th August (Friday)
Surfing 2 25th July (Sunday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Table Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 30th July (Friday), 1st August (Sunday) – 6th August (Friday)
Taekwondo 8 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Tennis 5 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Triathlon 3 26th July (Monday) – 27th July (Tuesday), 31st July (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Volleyball (2) 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Weightlifting 14 24th July (Saturday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Wrestling Freestyle 12) 1st August (Sunday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Greco – Roman (6) 1st August (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)

How many sports are there in the olympics?

What sports are in the olympic? Olympic Game of all sporting events is one of the greatest events where this time there will be thirty sports program, three hundred and thirty-nine events and with around 5000 Olympics and Paralympics medals to be won. Only a couple of days left for the moment to begin from July 23rd, along with few preliminary events schedule on July 21 and 22. Bellow you can see what sports are in the olympics. This time Olympic event will debut some sports programs in the form of karate, surfing, sports climbing, skateboarding, and BMX freestyle. Here is the list of different sports in the olympics:

Archery (5 Golds)
Archery tests the athlete’s focus and concentration to hit a bull’s eye that is about the size of a grapefruit from 70 meters away.

Artistic swimming (2 Golds)
Artistic Swimming as the name denotes is a form of art athletes perform in the swimming pool in a synchronized manner. In olympic sports list Artistic swimming most popular in usa.

Tennis (5 Golds)
Naomi Osaka is planning to represent Japan at the Olympic Games, however, star player Serena Williams is not willing to participate in the game. Rafael Nadal has not yet confirmed his participation and Roger Federer will decide on the Olympics after Wimbledon.

Badminton (5 Golds)
Badminton is all about the game of shuttle and racket where players compete against each other in a pair or individually.

Baseball and softball (2 Golds)
It is after 2008, Baseball and Softball are returning to the olympic events list. Team Cuba has so far dominated the event claiming its spot into the finals of all the five Olympic baseball tournaments.

Basketball (4 Golds)
It is for the first time, a new format of Three-on-three basketball for men and women has been included from this year. The men’s team from America qualifying for the event consisted of players from the G League and European leagues. The American women have been part of W.N.B.Players. Among the all olympic sports listing Basketball much popular in United states.

Canoe and kayak (16 Golds)
The canoe sprint competition takes place over a straight, calm, and flat course. Also, canoers have to use a one-blade paddle and kneel in the boat. Kayakers on the other hand will compete with two blade paddle and sit at summer olympics sports.

Boxing (13 Golds)
Russia and Uzbekistan have performed their best at the top position in recent years. Now the Women’s competition will have five weight classes instead of three at Tokyo olympics 2021 sports.

Diving (8 Golds)
Diving is one of the popular summer olympic sport event, where china has shown its dominance over the years.

Cycling (22 Golds)
There are four disciplines in cycling. In road cycling, the same riders compete with the Tour de France. In Track cycling, riders have to race around a banked oval at high speed. In BMX, riders race over a quick, bumpy course. In mountain biking, riders have to overcome long, hilly cross-country courses. From list of summer olympic sports 2021, cycling is the game to enjoy more.

Fencing (12 Golds)
In Fencing olympic summer sports, Three types of swords are used, where Foil is light thrusting weapon competitor’s use on the opponent’s torso. Epee is heavier and athletes are free to hit it anywhere. Saber is a cutting weapon where hits can be made with any part of the sword, except its tip.

Equestrian (6 Golds)
Tokyo Olympic Games will comprise of three types of equestrian competitions in the list of olympic sports. In Dressage form, riders will be judged on precise movements by their mounts on the dancing horse. In Jumping, the horse’s ability will be tested based on clearing the hurdles and Eventing will have both dressage and jumping along with passing the cross country race over hurdles.

Field hockey (2 Golds)
Argentina and Australia are among the top teams in field hockey at the Olympic Games.

Gymnastics (14 Golds)
This time all eyes are set on Simon Biles as the most visible athlete of the games to appear after the retirement of swimmer Michael Phelps and runner Usain Bolt. In list of all olympics sports, this time Gymnastics takes more hype because of Simon Biles.

Judo (15 Golds)
The host country Japan will look to take advantage of their specialized Judo, a martial art form of grappling. Also this time a coed team event has been added in this olympic games listing.

Golf (2 Golds)
This time in summer olympic games list, we will see some of the best and top players making their appearance at the Golf ground in the Olympic Games.

Modern pentathlon (2 Golds)
Modern Pentathlon comprises of a different sports event in the olympics, where athletes have to compete in swimming, equestrian, fencing, jumping and combined pistol shooting and running event all in a
single day.

Rhythmic gymnastics (2 Golds)
Only Women athletes take part in Rhythmic gymnastics, both in individual as well as mixed events. In a mixed event, a team of five perform with balls, hoops, clubs, and ribbons. This time there will be no rope event.

Rowing (14 Golds)
Rowers have to compete in two types of boats, one is sculling, with two oars each and another is sweep rowing, with each rower accompanied with one oar.

Shooting (15 Golds)
List of all summer olympic sports, shooting is the only event where most countries military persons take part. Shooting event comprised of a rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Also from this year, three coed team events have been added.

Skateboarding (4 Golds)
This time, street and park skateboarding disciplines will be awarded gold medals. The Street arena athlete has to perform tricks on city streets, railings, stairs, and benches. On a local skate, there are deep bowls, curves with mid-air tricks. Among the all olympic sports 2021, Skateboarding is a unique game debut this year Tokyo olympics.

Rugby (2 Golds)
Rugby in Olympic Games consists of seven players on each side known as the fast, free-flowing version of the game.

Karate (8 Golds)
For the first time, Karate as a Summer Olympic Sports event will be introduced in the Tokyo 2020 games. Athletes tackle against an opponent and in a solo event, Kata where Judges evaluate competitors’ movements and stances.

Sailing (10 Golds)
The Sailing sports event 2021 will feature several kinds of boats. The RS:X is a sailboard, the 470 is a two-person dinghy, the Laser and Finn are one-person dinghies, the Nacra 17 is a multi-hull catamaran and the 49er is a skiff.

Soccer (2 Golds)
The men team with 24 players will compete in the Olympics Soccer event.

Sport climbing (2 Golds)
Sport Climbing competition is judged based on the combined performance of three separate disciplines. In speed climbing, an athlete needs to race up the wall in less than 10 seconds. In lead Climbing, Athletes have to climb up the wall against the competitors before they fall. In bouldering, competitors chase without ropes or harnesses in this events in the olympics.

Surfing (2 Golds)
The surfing sports event will make the Olympic debut in the relatively tame waves off Chiba, Japan.

Swimming (37 Golds)
Simon Manuel will compete in the 50-meter freestyle, Katie Ledecky at long distance, Lilly King in the breaststroke, and Caeleb Dressel in freestyle and butterfly. Also, we can see Katinka Hosszu of Hungary and Daiya Seto the athletes from the host country aiming to grab the individual medal in this olympic game categories.

Table tennis (5 Golds)
It will be interesting to see world champion China performing at the Table Tennis sports event in the olympics.

Track and field (48 Golds)
Track & Field is still the most decorated event in the Olympic Games. Top international players Shelly-Ann-Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica, Sifan Hassan from the Netherland in the middle distance, and Armand Duplantis of Sweden will be seen competing in the summer olympic sports event.

Wrestling (18 Golds)
Freestyle and Greco – Roman are the two disciplines to feature at the Tokyo 2021 sports. Men will compete in both disciplines, whereas women will participate in only one discipline – freestyle events.

Handball (2 Golds)
Team Handball will resemble inside soccer, where players have to throw the ball at the goal. This time American men and Women team did not qualify for the Tokyo olympics 2021 games.

Trampoline (2 Golds)
The Trampoline olympics 2021 sports is quite interesting where athletes have to perform 10 different tricks without a break. It is a high-pressure event that tests the power and consistency of an athlete.

Triathlon (3 Golds)
The triathlon sports in the olympics will have men’s, women’s as well as coed relay races. The athlete has to perform a two-hour swimming, cycling and running to win the competition.

Taekwondo (8 Golds)
Two countries, China and South Korea have shown consistent performance in this punching and kicking combat sport in this olympic summer sports.

Volleyball (4 Golds)
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will have an indoor volleyball event with a six-a-side game.

Weight lifting (14 Golds)
Weightlifting is a popular sports event in the Olympic Games and there are top olympic athletes to perform at the upcoming 2021 summer Olympic Games list.

Water polo (2 Golds)
Water Polo Olympic event program will have 12 team tournaments for men’s and 10 team tournaments for women’s olympic game categories.

List of Olympic Sports Events at Tokyo Olympics 2021 PDF Free

As we are inching closer towards the biggest sporting event Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the excitement and eagerness have increase manifold among fans. As the Olympic Games come after every four years, people from all across the world are eager to be a part of this global celebration, and this year also it will be witnessed by massive attendance. Here you can get all olympic sports list in PDF bellow:

List of olympic sports 2021 PDF Free

Are there any changes to the Olympics this year(2021)?

Olympic fans and viewers will experience some of the major changes to the Olympics for 2020 event with the addition of five new sports programs and also the comeback of baseball (absent in 2016). Also, there will be few new events like three–on–three basketball competitions.

Also, these time Olympics games are going to have a lot of attention mainly due to the adjusted gymnastics team rules – instead of fielding a team of five athletes, each country will be whittled down to four all-around contestants, with two more teammates added to compete only in individual events. Also, there is an upside-down in the international athletics community due to the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

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