Mario and the Flying Cars Could be seen in Tokyo Olympics

Who doesn’t know about Mario? It’s the game by Nintendo which features this plumber, who plays and pass all the hurdles to free the queen from the wrong people. This game has been the part of the childhood of millions and millions of people. This has always been one of the favorites of all the game players across the world. Where most of the people know about Mario, and have played this game, but they don’t know that Mario was created in Japan and hence it is the product of Japan. Tokyo Olympics 2020, can be seen as an edition of Olympics where Mario would be revived.

Mario in Tokyo Olympics 2021
Mario in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Mario in Tokyo Olympics 2020

When the Japanese Prime Minister went to the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016 dressed as a Mario, it raised a lot of questions. According to the reports, it was a clear indication that Mario would play a major role in the Olympics 2020. There are a lot of reports and buzz around the connection of Mario with the Tokyo Olympics. It would be interesting to see that how the creative team is going to use Mario and inculcate its theme in the various events that are going to take place in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Not only this, it is expected that the creative team can also use the other famous cartoon characters from Japan in the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics 2020. This could include Doraemon, and Hello Kitty. Also there is one report that the creators might show the rival cartoon characters shaking hands with each other to give the message of peace to the world as the message peace from the Tokyo Olympics is a big talk of the world currently.

Flying Cars in Tokyo Olympics 2020

With the cartoon characters showing the message of peace in the opening ceremony, there are reports which tells us that we can see the flying cars in the opening ceremony which would mark the Japan’s power in technology and innovation. It is highly expected that we will be seeing some flying cars both in the ceremonies and also during the events which are going to take place in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Flying cars have been into the talks since a last few decades, but still this thing is yet not achieved, but people are expecting this time that Japan is going to take the lead with this upcoming Olympics by proving the world that they are the best when it comes to technology and innovation.

Although the reports of Mario, Doraemon and the Flying Cars are just talks right now as the officials have not confirmed these things yet, but the chances of these things being true are very high. Let’s wait for a few more months till the time Olympics officially start, and then we all will get to know that how many things out of these were actually true and how many of them were mere rumors.

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