NBC has topped $1 billion in ad sales for 2021 Summer Olympics

Tokyo is all set to host the Summer Olympics 2020 this year. It is going to be the biggest sports event till date with billions of people across the world keeping an eye on it. It is going to be really exciting to the see the best of the athletes competing against each other to fight for the gold medal. This is one such event for which the athletes practice for 4 years, and then try their best to give their best to their sport on that day. Therefore, Olympics has a very high significance. When there are more people to watch the sport, this means that there are more advertisers who are going to come and become the sponsor of that event. Therefore, Olympics has always seen a great number of sponsors.

NBC has topped $1 billion in ad sales
NBC has topped $1 billion in ad sales for 2021 Summer Olympics

According to the NBC, who is the sole responsible for placing the ads in USA, has stated that they have already topped the ad sales of more than $1 billion before the start of the Olympics 2020. The main event is still months away, but the excitement that the advertisers have shown till now has been impeccable. We have seen that the advertisers have paid from around $1 million to $100 million. With such huge sums of money pouring in, it is pretty evident that this edition of Olympics is definitely going to be a massive one.

The ad sales which were seeing a huge decline after the boom of the digital ads in the recent times, has suddenly seen a big boost because of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The advertisers can clearly see that they can easily target a lot of eye balls during this edition of Olympics and hence they are willing to pay these huge amounts to become the sponsors of the Summer Olympics 2020. The proof of this statement is the numbers which are coming forward. The advertisers are willing to go completely in during this Summer Olympics, as they know that they can target an unimaginable number of audience by putting in their ads on the channels during this upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Therefore, it is going to be a win-win situation for both the NBC and the advertisers. The executives have told us that there is going to be 7000 hours of content that is going to be broadcasted from Tokyo during the Summer Olympics 2020. But the doubt in the mind of the advertisers was that whether their ads will be placed well or not? To this, it has been confirmed by the NBC that no matter on which platform the viewer is watching the telecast of the Olympics 2020, the ad will run linearly on all the platforms, which acts as a guarantee to the advertisers, that their ad would surely be seen by the people who will be watching the Tokyo Olympics.

It would be interesting to see the list of the names of advertisers whenever it comes out. Till then, let’s wait for it.

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