Banned from protesting at Tokyo Olympics

Olympic athletes are banned from protesting at Tokyo Olympics

Summer Olympics has always been the biggest sports event on the planet. It always catches the maximum number of eye balls. We are going to witness the XXXII edition of Olympics this year as Tokyo Olympics is coming near. This sports event is known for the magnificent performances of the greatest athletes of the world. It includes the pain, the victory, the joy, the sadness, and a lot of other emotions which comes into the play during this one event. But there is one more thing which has always been a part of Olympics and that is protests.

Banned from protesting at Tokyo Olympics
Banned from protesting at Tokyo Olympics

A lot of times during the earlier editions of Olympics we have seen that the players have shown their protests multiple times. Sometimes the players have been seen raising protest against any social issues like racialism and sometimes they are seen showing protest against anything else that is a part of their belief. It has always created a lot of buzz in all the editions of Olympics. It has been seen that the players after or during the event doing some sort of actions which clearly has a special meaning and an agenda behind it. The problem with this thing is that whenever a player does this kind of thing the whole world notices it, and then that thing becomes an international issue.

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We have seen quite a lot of times now that the players are doing any specific action, or doing something unusual which is a clear sign of a protest. This although catches a lot of eye balls, but it also has its disadvantages that the spirit of the game are compromised when it is done. When the players are there for the Olympics, there sole purpose should be giving their best on the field and doing as much as they can to get their country a gold medal. On the other hand, when such protest kinds of things happen it affects the spirit of the game.

IOC has banned the protests in Tokyo Olympics

Keeping all these things in mind, the Olympics Committee has taken this strict decision that none of the players would be allowed to show any sort of protest before, during, or even after the games. They are not allowed to support any political, or religious interest when they are on the field. All the players are given the strict guidelines that they are participating in the Olympics to just play and play to the best of their abilities. Anything out of that would be considered wrong and a three point committee would be formed if this rule is violated. There is no fixed punishment which has been decided on the violation of these rules, as all the committees would be taking their decision individually.

We know that the idea behind these rules is quite pure, but it would be interesting to see that how the athletes are going to take these rules, and will these rules completely end the protests that have been taking place in Olympics since its inception.

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