Olympics 2021 Mascots: Meet Miraitowa and Someity

Olympics Date : 23 July – 8 August
Events : 339 in 33 sports (50 disciplines)
Where to Watch Live Free : NBC (USA), CBC (Canada) 7plus (Australia)
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Olympics 2021 Mascots: Tokyo is already gearing up for its time to shine, as the city will host the 2021 Olympic Games. One of the interesting features of the Olympic Games is the Mascots an added attraction for the visitors and attendees. Japanese school children have come up with the 2021 Mascots for the upcoming 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games based on the two futuristic, superhero creatures.

The two official mascots of the Tokyo events are named Miraitowa and Someity. The blue and pink digitally designed creature represents the country’s obsession with animation and is also a combination of tradition with modern innovation.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Mascot: Miraitowa

The first Olympic Mascot, Miraitowa is a combination of tradition and cutting-edge information. Miraitowa means future and eternity, which is derived from the Japanese proverb translated as “to learn old things well and to acquire new knowledge from them”. It holds an old-fashioned charm and also has a special power allowing to move anywhere instantaneously.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Mascot Miraitowa
Tokyo 2021 Olympic Mascot Miraitowa

The body of Miraitowa has catlike ears, big anime-style ears, and also an athletic posture. It looks attractive with an indigo ichimatsu pattern similar to that of the Tokyo 2020 emblem. Its face is covered with a helmet resembling the ancient samurai.

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Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Mascot: Someity

Someity is the Pink Mascot which represents the Paralympic games. The Mascot represents inner strength and is a kind heart that graces nature. Someity’s name is derived from the popular cheery tree variety “Someiyoshino and from the English phrase “so mighty”. It features large anime eyes and is usually calm but sometimes becomes very powerful when needed. Being a Paralympic Mascot it is sometimes depicted in a wheelchair.

Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Mascot: Someity
Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Mascot: Someity

The Mascot can fly using its pink ichimatsu pattern cape. Its face has antennae on its side notably visible as cheery blossom tactile sensors that allow it a telepathic ability, including telepathic communication, the ability to talk to stones and wind. It also represents the superhuman power of “Paralympic athletes who overcome obstacles and redefine the boundaries of possibility”. It gives physical and mental strength to paralympic athletes.

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Selection and Naming Process

These two Blue and Pink Miraitowa and Someity were selected by children from over 16000 elementary schools across Japan and its international school.

However, prior to voting, these selected mascots were submitted for consideration. The children choose their favorite design from three shortlisted illustrations. The contribution for the selection of the Mascot was elected by any Japanese national or foreign national over the age of 18. Mascots unveiled not only contained an illustration but also a “Profile” of the mascot’s personality and the relation of Japan. The finalists were voted by the children labeled “Pair A”, “Pair B”, and “Pair C”. Japanese artist Ryo Taniguchi designed the winning pair. The Mascot selection panel finally voted on a shortlisted of proposed selected Mascot names.

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