List of Participating Countries at the Summer Olympic Game 2020

List of Participating Countries at the Summer Olympic Games: Olympics event is an exciting event for sports as well as geographic enthusiasts, as we get to see athletes participating from all over the globe representing their countries. However, there occurs confusion in all this excitement, as we all are aware that there is a total of 195 states recognized by the UN, so that means that some of the 206 participating countries competing in the Olympic Games aren’t countries.

Participating Countries at the Summer Olympic Games
Participating Countries at the Summer Olympic Games

International Olympic Committee, IOC is the authorized body that decides who can compete in the Olympics and each state that’s deemed eligible to participate is known as a National Olympic Committee (NOC).

According to the IOC, “the mission of the NOC’s is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic movement in their respective countries, in accordance with the Olympic Charter.”

Also, the IOC doesn’t require that NOC’s be independent countries, where some partially self-governed or dependent territories and certain partially states have been allowed to participate in the Olympic event.

There will be 206 NOCs in 2021 and is divided into the following order

193 UN Member States
1 UN Observer States (Palestine)
2 Partially recognized states (Kosovo, and Chinese Taipei, AKA Taiwan)
1 One almost-independent state, the Cook Islands, in free association with New Zealand.
9 Dependent Territories – American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Aruba, the Cayman Islands, and Hong Kong.

206 That’s Grand Total

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Total 206 states have been recognized by IOC as eligible to participate in the 2021 Olympics.
Also, athletes from New Zealand will be competing, along with those from Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Thailand, and so many more countries.

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