Romania’s Simona Halep to skip Fed Cup in favour of Tokyo 2020

The tennis champion Halep has decided to skip the Fed cup this year as she wants to focus only on the Olympics this time. She is the former number ranked women in tennis and she is all set to sacrifice her presence in the Fed Cup this year because she wants to perform in the Olympics this time. She was one of those few athletes who skipped the Rio Olympics due to the news of the Zika virus. It is the kind of virus which leads to the abnormal birth of the children if the parent gets affected by this virus. As a result of this virus, the children are born with small heads and abnormal brains, and hence Halep had decided to miss the Rio Olympics 2016. Halep said that she wanted to have her family once her tennis career is over, and therefore she didn’t want to risk it by participating in the Rio Olympics 2016.

Halep to skip Fed Cup in favour of Tokyo 2021
Halep to skip Fed Cup in favour of Tokyo 2021

Halep’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics

Halep had already missed out on Rio Olympics, but now she just can’t wait to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. She has already waited for 4 years for this event to come and now finally the Tokyo Olympics is all set to start from July, 2020. She told the media that she and her coaches have discussed on this in detail, and unanimously they all have decided that she should only focus on the upcoming Olympics now and she should not participate in the Fed Cup this time. She said that it was a very major decision but she had to take it to complete his Olympics dream.

Halep has also said that she knows that she could have played both the tournaments but she doesn’t want her mind to deviate from the Olympics as she wants to give her 100% to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020. To quote Halep, “It is not the withdrawal from the Fed Cup, it is just the year of Olympics.”

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Profile of Halep
Halep is a well-known name when it comes to the world of tennis. She has been the former number 1 ranked player in tennis and currently she is ranked 4. The 28 – year old tennis star has won a lot of major tennis tournaments. She was the winner of the Wimbledon last year. Not only this, she has also won the French Open in 2018. With such big titles under her name, she is surely going to be a very strong competitor in the Tokyo Olympics.

Currently, she is working a lot on her game, as she wants to give her best in the Summer Olympics 2020. She could be seen practicing with her coaches and her team. With all the focus on the upcoming Olympics, she will surely be looking forward to cover the pain of missing the Rio Olympics in 2016. Let’s wish her all the best for her streak in the Tokyo Olympics. May she gets the gold medal this time.

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