Sky Brown, 11 years old skateboarder is all set to become Britain’s youngest Olympian

What did you use to do when you were 11 years old? Most of us would give answers like , “We used to play video games.” Or “We used to chill and enjoy with our friends in our primary school”. But what if I tell you that there is this girl, who is going to compete in Tokyo Olympics 2020 and she is just 11 years old now. Yes! You heard it right. Sky Brown, who is a skateboarder is going to be the youngest ever Olympian from Britain as she would only just 12 years old when she will compete against best skateboarders of the world in the Summer Olympic 2020.

Sky Brown
Sky Brown, 11 years old skateboarder

Skateboarding in Summer Olympics 2020

For the first time in the history of Olympics, skateboarding is going to be a game in Olympics as Tokyo Olympics will be the first Olympics, where Skateboarding has been given the green chit as one of the sports. When this news of skateboarding came out to people, there happiness saw no bounds as all the skateboarding fans around the world got a big surprise from the Olympics committee. Another surprise that came forth was when just a 10 years old girl of Britain got selected to complete for this event in Tokyo.

There were a lot of doubts and questions that were raised when her name was raised as one of the participants for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. But the sports committee has confirmed it that her method, and level of skateboarding is completely apt for competing in such a big competition, and hence she is completely eligible to fight her battle against the best skateboarders of the world.

Record to be set by Sky Brown in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Sky Brown is completely ready to set the record of the youngest athlete in Tokyo Olympics as she would just be 12 years old when she will compete for the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. She will beat the record of Margery Hilton, who was a swimmer and she competed in 1928 Olympics which were held in Amsterdam. Margery was 13 years and 14 days old when she competed in that Olympics and Sky would be 12 years and 12 days old when she will participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

According to Sky, she is preparing really hard to compete in such a major sport event and she wishes to make everyone proud by performing greatly in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The hurdle in her way is that she has to be in world’s top 20 to be able to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and by the way she is practicing, we are quite optimistic about her qualification for the Olympics. This tiny little girl is already competing against the women who are twice her height and she is giving a tough competition to all of them.

We wish her all the very best for her future.

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