Sony wins the broadcast rights of Tokyo Olympics 2020 in India

India is a nation of more than 1.25 billion people and hence it is a huge market of spots lovers as well. There are millions of viewers who watch sports regularly in India and hence it was a big question that who would get the rights to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in India. Now there has been a full stop to all these discussions as Sony Pictures Network as has finally won the broadcast rights of Olympics not only for the India but also the other subcontinent areas.

Sony wins Tokyo 2020 broadcast rights in India
Sony Networks to broadcast 2020 Olympics

It is a big victory for Sony as there is always a very tough competition between Sony Pictures Network and Star get the broadcast rights of the sports events in India. But IOC has finally come up to clear the doubts as it has made it final that Sony Pictures Network will be the official Broadcaster of Olympics in India. Sony has also won the rights of the winter Olympics which are scheduled to take place in Lausanne next year.

Sony Becomes official broadcaster of Summer Olympics 2020 in India

Sony has a lot of different channels to broadcast various sports events and hence Sony would use all its sports channels to broadcast various sports events of Tokyo Olympics. This would attract a lot of sponsors and advertisers to Sony as India being such a large market always attracts a lot of major sponsors. It would be interesting to see that who would be the main sponsor and who would get to be the associate sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics in India.

Sony Pictures Network (SPN) is also working with the IOC to broadcast the sports events on its mobile application called SONY LIV. It is an application launched by SONY where it shows online content, TV shows, news and sports to its users. This app also has a lot of viewership in India and hence this time we can expect the experience of watching the Olympics in India to be completely hassle free.

Thomas Bach who is the President of IOC has said in a statement that, “As a dynamic sports and media market, India and the subcontinent is an important strategic region for Olympic broadcasting.” It is very sure that Sony has taken his words very seriously as they have successfully bagged the deal to broadcast all the events of the Summer Olympics 2020 in India and the subcontinent.

The sports lovers in India should get happy now as they will be able to access all the fun of the Olympics right at their homes as SONY has a well spread network of viewership across the country. You can contact your cable operator to provide you with the channels of SONY if you are unable to access them now, or you can also watch all the live action by just downloading the online application of SONY that is SONY LIV and from there you can access all the sports action.

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