The Best Summer Olympic 2021 Sports to watch on TV

The Best Olympic Sports to watch on TV: Olympics is one of the most-watched sports events all across the globe. It has garnered a huge fan following since its inception. World best athletes participate in the event and it’s always a thrilling moment for all of us to experience them competing against their competitors.

Athletes strive hard to perform their best and shine to become a medallist and also carve their names in the history of the Olympics. As we are heading towards the Tokyo 2021 Olympics games commencing from July 23rd, all eyes are set on the television sets to watch the best Olympics sports and feel the extravaganza.

Best Olympic Sports to watch
Best Olympic Sports to watch on tv

So here are the List Of Olympics Sports to watch on TV and why

Golf: Golf at summer olympic is the oldest sports program which was first introduced in the 1904 Olympic Games. The best players will be seen in action and it will be a pleasurable moment to watch them on Television trying to get a little ball into a hole in the ground.

Wrestling: One of the famous sports events among millennials is wrestling. It is a game full of action and thrill testing the toughness of an athlete. There is huge excitement among young ones to witness the best moments of Olympic wrestling 2021.

Handball: Handball is based on the water polo theme but played outside of the water. One of the best features of watching handball is that we are unable to recognize a single player, however, the sports offer huge excitement and entertainment throughout the match.

Track Cycling: The riders in the Track Cycling sports have to showcase endurance and agility as the riders just inches from each other at a speed of about 20 miles per hour. Viewers feel the pressure at every moment and watching it on television along with family makes it even more interesting.

Beach Volleyball: Of all the sporting programs played at the Olympics, beach volleyball has become one of the best events to watch out for. It holds a rich history where the US had dominated the game by winning most medals thanks to the great achievements of Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics rose to popularity with the US women’s gymnastic squad of 1996 and also in 2012 bringing gold medals to the country. People from different parts of the world enjoy watching gymnastics on television sets, mostly because of the flexibility of the athletes showcased at the time of the event.

Diving: It is always a treat to watch an athlete doing flips, twists, turns, and leaping off. Diving is one of the most-watched sports events on TV and this time too no one will like to miss the excitement at the upcoming Olympics games.

Track and Field: Track and Field is a long-distance 10000-meter race to short-distance events like 100-meter sprint. It is always an adrenaline-pumping moment to watch the athletes competing against each other to reach the final spot of victory.

It will be a great moment to watch world champion and gold medallist Usain Bolt marching once again to achieve the remarkable feat at the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Olympic games.

Swimming: It is always exhilarating to watch the athletes doing inside the pool performing dead sprint flexing hard their body inside the water. Michael Phelps is the popular American swimmer that holds the most number Olympic records of winning gold and total medals. This time too we are eagerly waiting to watch the favorite sports on television sets screaming hard with each winning stroke.

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