Turkey’s Women’s volleyball team

Turkey’s Women’s volleyball team defeats Germany to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Turkey’s Women’s volleyball team defeats Germany to Qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020
Volleyball is a very popular sport of Olympics. Millions of people love to watch volleyball every single time the Olympics are broadcasted. Women’s volleyball has always seen a great competition as there are so many amazing teams, but not all of them get a ticket to Olympics. Hence, there is a qualifier for Olympics before the Olympics begins. It sees some really tough teams, competing against each other to win the race to Olympics.

Turkey’s Women’s volleyball team
Turkey Women’s volleyball team defeats Germany

This year, Turkey has went a way ahead as they have defeated the strong team of Germany to get themselves the ticket to Tokyo Olympics 2020. It is undoubtedly a very big news for all the sports lovers of Turkey as women’s volleyball team had put in a lot of efforts to win this chance to participate in Olympics. Earlier Turkey’s women’s volleyball team had qualified only once for the Olympics and that too was in the year 2012. In 2016, Turkey’s team failed to qualify for the Olympics which was a big setback for the whole team. But this year, they have bounced back really strongly as they have defeated Germany in the qualifiers to bag a place for them in the Summer Olympics 2020.

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Scores of Turkey v/s Germany Volleyball Match

Women’s volleyball team of Turkey has proved that they deserved to qualify for the Olympics 2020 as they have won the game with a huge margin. The game ended with Turkey defeating the Germany’s team by 3-0 rounds. The scores at the end of the match were 25-17, 22-19, and 25-22. Hande Baladin of Turkey came out to be the top scorer of the match as she scored 18 points in the match which helped her team to get this massive victory. Turkey also had a strong and tough semi-finals in which they defeated the Poland’s team by 3-2. Turkey’s women’s volleyball team has been working and practicing really hard to get this feat and now their hard work as paid them well as they are now the qualifiers of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Serbia, Italy, and Russia are the other teams who have already qualified for the Summer Olympics 2020 and hence it would be great to see this competition among some of the best teams of the world during the Tokyo Olympics.

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Eda Erdem Dundar, who is the captain of the Turkey’s women’s volleyball team has said that it is like a dream come true for her and her team to qualify for the Olympics 2020. She also said that they had a really bad start to the tournament as they started off their journey with a defeat but by the way their team had bounced back was highly commendable and she is very proud of her whole team who have put in so many efforts to get this victory.

Let’s wish all the best to Turkey’s women’s volleyball team so that they can play even better in Olympics and can get a medal there.

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