2020 Summer Olympics: US table tennis legend hopes for one more highlight

At what age do you think you will retire from your job or all your responsibilities? 50 or 55? Or maybe 60 by max. But there is this legend named Seemiller, who is ready to participate in Summer Olympics 2020 at an age of 65. He is a legend in the table tennis world. He has been playing table tennis right from his childhood, and even at the age of 65, you can see him playing and giving a tough competition to the best table tennis players of the world.

Dan Seemiller
Dan Seemiller

Who is Dan Seemiller?

Dan Seemiller is a table tennis player and he has dedicated all his life to the sport. He turned into a table tennis pro at a tender age of 18 as he became the number 1 ranked American Player. He turned into a big thing when in 1977, Dan teamed up with his brother and together they defeated the number 1 team of the world. Since then there was a no looking back for Dan as he has won a lot of major tournaments and have earned a big name for himself.

Dan is also into training of other table tennis players. He has mentored and guided a lot of table tennis champions in his lifetime. He has also coached a lot of players who were going to play in the Olympics, and this time you can find him himself fighting for the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Dan Seemiller Olympics Preparation
Dan has told the reporters that he has been working really hard to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. He said that he is keeping good care of the food that he eats nowadays and also gives a lot of time in training and practicing for the main event. According to him, he is working hard to get back into the perfect shape as it will help him to perform better in the Summer Olympics 2020. He is also working on his serves and smashes which will surely give a tough time to all the opponents who will play against him in the Olympics 2020.

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Dan Seemiller also has one secret weapon which is going to act in his benefit during the Olympics. That secret weapon is the grip that he uses in his paddle. It is a unique grip which is known after his name only that is Seemiller grip. This grip confuses the opponents as often they are unable to understand that what type of shot will be played by Seemiller. He has already mastered playing with this grip and he is undoubtedly the best person for this. It would be interesting to see that how is going to perform in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as there are a lot of expectations of his fans and in fact whole America from him.

Let’s hope for the best and wish all the good luck to Dan so that he can get another medal before he finally retires.

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