Yoshiro Mori Resigns as Tokyo Olympics President over sexism row

It came with shocking news, with the 83 year –old former Japanese Prime Minister offered his resignation during a meeting with the Tokyo 2020 council and Executive Board members today.
Before the rescheduled Olympic Games are due to open, Mori’s departure leaves Tokyo 2020 needing to find a new head in less than five months. The decision has arised intense criticism about his comments, where he implied women talk too much.

Yoshiro Mori Resigns
Yoshiro Mori Resigns

84-year-old, former Japan Football Association President Saburo Kawabuchi, had emerged as the frontrunner to replace Mori. However, there are reports that he has downturned the role as a president.

Fiji News Network is the local broadcaster that has reported the Japanese government cautious of causing further rage by appointing another older man, had blocked Kawabuchi’s nomination.
With the ongoing disarray, Tokyo 2020 has promised that it would “proceed with the appointment of a successor in a swift and transparent manner to limit the impact on our preparation for the Games”.

Also, it has come with a plan to establish a Candidate Review Committee, to oversee the appointment of Mori’s successor and will also have equal gender representation. Also this time the Tokyo 2020 Executive Board will have more female members to boost the gender equality promotion team.

The organizers who are struggling with the waning public support for the event in Japan and also the suggestions of the Olympics games getting canceled due to coronavirus are facing storm with Mori’s sexism comment. It was during a Japanese Olympic Committee meeting last week, Mori’s remark about women raised a widespread uproar. IOC had also mention stating that Mori’s apology meant the issue was “closed”.

Recently IOC President Thomas Bach said that the organization “fully respects Mr. Mori’s decision to step down and understands his reasons for doing so”. He also stated to stop criticizing him ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic event.

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