How to Watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream

How to Watch Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Live Stream Online Free: This 2021 is the Olympic Year and the games of XXXII Olympiad is scheduled to take place in the city of Tokyo of Japan. Olympic is a glorious time takes place after every year, while involves a month-long celebration of speed, agility, strength and fortitude, along with outstanding athletic achievements, commitment and spirit of players. The excitement also takes place even during the Paralympics.

Olympics 2021 Live Stream
Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Live Stream Online

Schedules and Dates of Olympics 2021

Opening ceremony of Olympics 2021 is scheduled to take place on July 23 i.e. Friday, while the closing ceremony on August 8 i.e. Sunday of 2021. On the other side, Paralympics Tournament is scheduled to take place between August 24 and September 5 2021.

Where to Stream Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 Live Online: The excitement of people increases every four year, because that’s what the time diff2erence between two editions of Olympics. And now the time is back as 2021 will witness the XXXII edition of Olympics as Japan is all set to host the Tokyo Olympics 2020. It’s time to enhance our knowledge on Olympics, as the time to discuss sports is back again. It’s time to support our countries and athletes to help them get the medals in this massive sports event.

Where are the Olympics 2021?

As by now, all of us know that Japan is hosting the Summer Olympics 2020. But the interesting part here to know is that these sports events will be hosted in more than 40 different venues of Japan. Also, the soccer events are planned to be scheduled farther afield. The interesting thing to know here is that it is not the first time that Japan is hosting a sports event. Japan has earlier also hosted big sports events which includes Summer Olympics in 1964, and Winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998.

How to Watch Olympics 2021 Live Stream on TV

Similar to previous Olympics, Olympics 2021 will also telecast on NBC with 24×7 online stream. However, for this, you have to verify yourself as a subscriber of the respective cable TV. Besides, NBC Sports Gold has a dedicated package for the Olympics 2021.

For this, you should make payment of an upfront fee to watch the games at any place without any interruption by ads. Tokyo City is about 16hours ahead from the West Coast. Because of this, when you watch live you will get excellent spread of various events.

However, watching Olympics 2021 for anyone on the Eastern Coast is bit tricky, as you have to rely on match highlights. Other than this, BBC will cover the Olympic games on radio, TV and online in the United Kingdom, while more games on a payable TV channel i.e. Eurosport. The difference of time in this case is 8hours. Hence, you have to getup early in morning for watching the games live.

If you are in Australia, you will get free-to-air coverage of Olympics 2021 on Channel Seven i.e. 7Two and 7Mate via the Seven Network. Lastly, if you are in Sydney, you have to watch one hour ahead, as Sydney is only one hour early than Tokyo.

Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 online in United States

If you live in the USA, then the only way by which you can watch Olympics 2021 live stream is the leading sports channel of the USA that is NBC Sports. The rights of the Tokyo Olympics have been purchased by NBC Sports in a contract of $7.75 billion dollars. As an audience you can watch all the sports events by getting a able subscription of the channels of NBC Sports. You can contact your nearby cable operator and ask them to let you access the sports channels that will broadcast the Olympics 2021. NBC Sports will also be responsible to play the footage of Olympics events even after the completion of Olympics 2021.

Watch the live streaming of 2021 Tokyo Games Live in Europe and the UK

If you are living in Europe then the good news for you is that Discovery communications have signed the exclusive deal to get the television rights of Olympics 2021 in Europe. This means that the broadcasting of 2021 Tokyo Games are all set to be telecasted on Eurosport. All the major sports events of this Tokyo Olympics 2021 will be telecasted on this channel itself. So, to witness the magical Olympics 2021 in Europe, you should quickly contact your cable service provider to provide with all the channels on which the sports events will be telecasted.

Get to see the live broadcast of Tokyo Olympics 2021 in UK

In the United Kingdom, they are relying on their oldest national broadcaster which is BBC. Hence, if you are in the UK and are willing to watch the Olympics 2021 this time, then you can watch all the summer olympics sports events from BBC iPlayer. The best thing about this media player is that it is available for all at free of cost.

How to watch Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 live Stream in Canada?

Sportsnet is the broadcaster for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in Canada. It is the biggest broadcaster of sports in Canada. It has a viewership in almost 8.2 million homes of Canada. The subscribers list of Sportsnet in Canada has reached 30 million users and it is still increasing rapidly. There are various plans which Sportsnet offer to its viewers, and hence if you want to watch the Tokyo Olympics live online on your devices, then you would have to choose among these plans in order to watch the Tokyo Olympics.

Know about the broadcaster of Olympics 2021 in Australia

Australia is one such region which has the highest viewership for Olympics, and hence all the Olympics fans in Australia are waiting to know that who would be the broadcaster for these Summer Olympics 2021. The good news is that the wait is finally over now as this Tokyo Olympics would be broadcasted in Australia by Seven Network. It is the biggest broadcasting company in Australia having its viewership in millions. The deal to broadcast Olympics 2021 in Australia was finalized by the Seven Network in the year 2017. One important think to note here is that the broadcast of these sports would be free to air and hence the people in Australia won’t have to pay anything to enjoy the Tokyo Olympics live stream.

How to watch Summer Olympics 2021 live online in India?

If you are in India, and want to watch the Summer Olympics from there, then the option for you is SonyLIV. Sony Pictures Entertainment has won the contract to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Sony LIV has around 30 million viewers on its app, channel and other online platforms who watch the content on Sony LIV on the monthly basis. Therefore all the Indians can now access the Tokyo Olympics 2021 by signing up and purchasing a subscription of the Sony LIV app. You can access and stream the upcoming Tokyo Olympics on your TV screens, mobile phones, tablets, desktops etc.

From where to Stream Summer Olympics 2021 in South Africa

For all the sports lovers in South Africa, the good news is that their favorite SuperSport is chosen as the official broadcaster for the Tokyo Olympics. This channel was launched in 1995 as a part of DStv and since then it has been the biggest broadcaster of sports events in South Africa. All you need to do is, that you need to have the subscription of the package of SuperSport and once you are subscribed to it, you will be able to view all the live action of all the Olympics events. All these sports would be broadcasted using six different channels.

Broadcasters of the Tokyo Olympics in Japan

Japan being the host country of this upcoming Olympics has the maximum excitement for this massive event. The people of Japan would be able to view the sports events of this Olympics 2021 with the help of the official broadcasting partners of Olympics in Japan which is the Japan Consortium. It includes three different broadcasters which are NHK, JBA, and Fuji TV. Just by paying the subscription fees of Japan Consortium, people of Japan can access the live streaming of Olympics 2021.

Venues/Countries of the 2021 Olympics

The games or matches of 2021 Olympics will take place in approximately 40 different venues/stadiums around and in Tokyo. Also, a few of the soccer matches will take place at farther afield. Before 2021 Olympics, Japan hosted Summer Games during the year 1964 i.e. for the first time in Asia. Along with this, Japan was the host of Winter Olympics for 2 times i.e. during 1972 and 1998.

Logo of 2021 Olympics

Logo for Summer Olympics 2021 is a checkered circle designed by a famous artist of Tokyo in Japan named Asao Tokolo. The checkered design in the traditional indigo blue color expresses a refined sophistication and elegance and in turn, exemplifies Japan. Here variation in shapes present in the pattern highlights excitement, equality and diversity.

olympics 2020 logo
Tokyo olympics 2020 logo

Tickets for 2021 Olympics

For now, tickets have started selling out. However, new tranches of Olympics tickets will release during spring. You have to follow a few of the simple steps to get tickets to watch the Tokyo Olympics in-person. On the other side, if you are a non-USA citizen, you have to check a list containing official resellers across the world.

Venue for the Next Olympic

Paris will host the Summer Olympics for the year 2024. On the other side, America will get the scope to host Summer Olympics 2018 in the city of Los Angeles.

New Sports for this Olympic 2021

There are six new as well as returning Olympic games and sports to pay attention towards in the year 2021.

  • Softball for women and baseball for men are back for this 2021 Olympics because of their popularity in sports lovers of Japan although they were not there in Rio and London.
  • Five different nations will join the host Tokyo i.e. japan to contest for the gold medal.
  • Olympic 2021 will also include sport climbing, karate, surfing, skateboarding tournaments.
  • Basketball will include its three-on-three tournaments to conduct for eight nations.
  • Olympics 2021 will have a rugby variant i.e. Rugby sevens, which feature 7 players in each of the sides.

2021 Olympics Dates, Schedule & Day by Day Guide

The whole world was waiting for the schedule of Olympics 2021 to be released, and now the wait is over as with less than a year left for Olympics the schedule of the sports event is out and available for all. The opening ceremony of Olympics 2021 will be on 24th July, and the closing ceremony would be on 9th August. This long run spots event will have a lot of sports and great athletes competing for the gold medal during this time.

The biggest sports event on planet is just round the corner as XXXII edition of Olympics is all set to start from 23rd July in Japan. With 33 sports, 339 events, spread over 17 days, this Tokyo Olympics is going to be better than ever.

The whole world was waiting for the schedule for this Olympics to come up. And now it is here. The Olympics 2021 will start from 23th July and will end on 8th August. Let’s have a look at all the major events that will take place in this Olympics.

24th July – Tokyo 2021 Opening Ceremony
Olympics’ opening ceremonies are always larger than life. They are grand, and the whole world waits to look at the magnanimous opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Like any other edition of Olympics, this XXXII edition is also going to have a great opening ceremony with a lot of amazing performances lined up for the viewers.

25th July – Day 1 – Tokyo 2020
A total of 11 gold medals will be distributed on the very first day of this Olympics. Some of the sports in which these medals will be awarded are Women’s 10m air rifle, archery, judo, road cycling, weightlifting and fencing. The day 1 will showcase a total of 21 different sports. It would be great to see the best athletes competing in the most futuristic Olympics ever.

26th July – Day 2 – Tokyo 2020
The major highlight of Day 2 would be the skateboarding events. There are two types of skateboarding events in tis Olympics games: Street and park. Medals will be awarded to the best Men skateboarders in this event. Another massive event on Day 2 is Judo, as it would be very interesting to see that whether Majlinda Kelmendi would be able to retain her crown? Swimming events would also be one of the major highlights of Day 2.

27th July – Day 3 – Tokyo 2020
The sports fans would eagerly be waiting for Day 3 as it will host the finals of Men’s artistic gymnastics, table tennis mixed doubles, and men’s triathlon. However, most of the eyes would be on Katie Ledecky, the undisputed queen of women’s swimming sports.

28th July – Day 4 – Tokyo 2020
There is a good news for the softball and baseball lovers, as these two sports which were dropped out of Olympics in 2008, are making a comeback this time in Tokyo Olympics. Day 4 will see the arrival of these two sports.

29th July – Day 5 – Tokyo 2020
This time, surfing is making its debut in Olympics, and hence the world will get to witness the best surfers of the world competing against each other for gold on Day 5. There will also be a clash of the best basketball teams of the world on Day 5 of Tokyo Olympics.

30th July – Day 6 – Tokyo 2020
After Michael Phelps, a new star is into making and his name is Caeleb Dressel. We will see him fight for the gold on Day 6 of this Olympics. He has already won 2 gold medals in Rio Olympics, and it would be great to see him again in this Olympics. Gymnastics and table tennis would be the other major events on Day 6.

31st July – Day 7 – Tokyo 2020
The day will start with yet another swimming event followed by Athletics Men’s 10000m. There is a lot of excitement among the people to see the Judo Heavyweight Master – Teddy Riner. He hasn’t lost a bout since September 2010. We will also witness the Finals of Men’s Table Tennis.

1st August – Day 8 – Tokyo 2020
There are a total of 21 gold medals on stake on Day 8 of Tokyo Olympics. The events which are lined up for this day are men’s 100m butterfly swim and athletics women’s 100m final. The world will witness the fastest woman alive during this event. A lot of eyes would be on Briana Williams, the future superstar from Jamaica.

2nd August – Day 9 – Tokyo 2020
On Day 9, we will get to see the athletics men’s 100m competition. As Usain Bolt is gone now, it would be great to see that who will take his position to win the gold this time. Another interesting sport to follow on 2nd august is Gold as the world will see Tiger Woods competing for the Gold this time in Tokyo Olympics. There will also be a women’s badminton final on the same day.

3rd August – Day 10 – Tokyo 2020
There will be a battle for gold among the best badminton players of the world on Day 10 as we will see the Finals on Men’s Badminton Singles. We will also witness artistic gymnastics on Day 10. Here we will see men’s rings and women’s floor exercises. It would be great to see the best men fight the battle for gold.

4th August – Day 11– Tokyo 2020
There will be a men’s team sprint finals on 4th August where all the eyes would be on Jason Kenny as he has already won 6 gold medals in Olympics till now. There will also be track cycling men’s team sprint on Day 11. Apart from this, we will witness Athletics Women’s 200m final.

5th August – Day 12 – Tokyo 2020
We will see the final day of sailing on Day 12 of this Tokyo Olympics. There will also be men’s weight lifting final on the same day. Some other events to look out for on Day 12 are swimming, artistic swimming, equestrian jumping, and women’s 10k marathon.

6th August – Day 13– Tokyo 2020
On Day 13, we will get to see the finals of Karate and Sport Climbing. Other events that will take place on this day are football and hockey. There will also be the sports climbing men’s final. So don’s miss to catch all the action of this exciting day.

7th August – Day 14 – Tokyo 2020
This Friday will witness men and women 400m and 4*100m relay. Along with this there will be a women’s football gold medal match on the same day. Not only this, women’s hockey final will also be held on Day 14 of Tokyo Olympics. It would be a tough competition for gold this time as there a lot of countries who are in great form and continuing their winning spree.

8th August – Day 15 – Tokyo 2020
There are quite a few final matches lined up for this day. This includes finals in men’s basketball, football, beach volleyball, and super-heavyweight wrestling. There will also be an exciting battle between countries like China, Japan and Russia for the gold medal in artistic swimming. Baseball will also see its comeback in Tokyo Olympics, as it was taken out of Olympics after the Beijing Olympics, and hence all the baseball lovers would get a great treat this time with the arrival of baseball in the list of sports this time.

9th August – Day 16 – Tokyo 2020
On day 16, the world will witness the closing ceremony of Olympics 2020. But before that, there would be quite a lot of sporting action for the sports lovers. The tradition of Olympics will be followed in this Olympics as well, as there would Men’s marathon happening on the last day, and it will capture all the eyes of the sports lovers from all over the world.

After 17 days of witnessing millions of emotions of winning, losing, triumph, pain, and glory the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will come to an end with an unforgettable closing ceremony. Till then keep your excitement high and don’t forget to support your favorite sports stars.

Global Popularity
If we go on the stats of the previous editions of Olympics, we can assure you that the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is going to be bigger than ever. It is recorded that none of the previous editions of Olympics has seen a viewership less than 20 million. There is already a lot of buzz across the world for this upcoming edition of Olympics, and hence we can expect this Olympics 2021 to be bigger than ever. So in whichever country you are, make sure that you get subscribed to the official broadcaster of your country to watch the Summer Olympics 2021 live stream without any issues.

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